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Explore Our Selection of Isabella Rossellini Perfume

The Isabella Rossellini perfume collection is a beautiful tribute to the timeless elegance and grace of the actress herself. Created by the actress and her friend, perfumer Julien Rasquinet, the line beautifully encapsulates the elegance, charm, and allure of the iconic actress. Each of the Isabella Rossellini perfumes is inspired by a different aspect of the actress's life and career, from her childhood in Rome to her love of animals and environmental activism.

The Isabella Rossellini perfume collection is made using the finest ingredients, each bottle containing a high concentration of natural ingredients. This makes each perfume long-lasting and multi-faceted, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful and complex scent that evolves on your skin throughout the day. The collection is also unisex, meaning that each perfume is suitable for both men and women. This adds a level of versatility to the collection, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scents no matter your gender.

The Le Parfumier collection of Isabella Rossellini perfumes includes all five of her creations. Each bottle is a beautiful work of art, designed by the actress herself. The bottles are adorned with intricate designs, many of which are inspired by the actress's own paintings. This attention to detail and the collaboration between Rossellini and Rasquinet is what makes the Isabella Rossellini perfume collection so special.

The Isabella Rossellini perfume collection is a beautiful tribute to the actress's life, career, and passions. At Le Parfumier, we are proud to offer the Isabella Rossellini perfume collection. Shop the collection online today at Le Parfumier or visit us in-store to experience the beautiful Isabella Rossellini perfume collection.

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