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Fruity Fragrances for Men

Fruity Cologne For Men: Refreshing and Ripe

Fresh, natural, and sweet, fruity colognes offer a refreshing burst of freshly squeezed scent. Beyond citrus, fruity colognes belong to their own distinct olfactive family, for good reason. Fruity colognes are uniquely contemporary due to the fact that it was previously unimaginable to produce fruit-forward fragrances for men.

Fruity colognes are made using reconstructed fruity notes because natural fruits possess a high water content that makes them resistant to the standard distillation process.

Some of the most common fruits used in fruity colognes are berries like raspberry, cherry, and black currant, as well as melon, pear, peach, plum, pineapple, apricot, and even coconut. These refreshing and sweet fruits allow the fragrance to open with a burst. Upon opening, fruity colognes offer vibrant and juicy top notes, which are then typically grounded by peppery, floral, powdery, or musky heart and base notes. Once the fragrance has settled, the fruity opening might appear less prominent, however, the refreshing and sweet fruity notes remain by adding a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the fragrance.

In men’s fruity colognes, fruits deliver a spritz of airy sweetness to what can otherwise be a heavy cologne. In a world where men’s colognes are overwhelmingly dominated by peppery, musky, and sandalwood notes, fruits offer the juicy crispness needed to make any cologne lighter. Perfect for casual everyday wear and warm weather, fruity colognes offer a delightful sweetness that’s playful and awakening to the senses.

At Le Parfumier, our selection of men’s fragrances includes fruity colognes from some of the top brands like Creed, Zegna, Hermes, Boss, and more! Shop our selection online today or visit us in-store and smell our fruity colognes for yourself.

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