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Skin Type

Dr Renaud Pure Overnight Youth Concentrate Night Elixir

The revolutionary cosmetic alternative to anti-aging surgica..
C$95.00 C$95.00

Dr Renaud High Regeneration Pro Collagen IntenseLift Day Cream

Like a facelift without the surgery! A true dermis “rescue..
C$76.50 C$76.50

Dr Renaud Global Defense Youth Defender Day Cream

24hrs protective day cream against free radicals and polluti..
C$60.00 C$60.00

Dr Renaud SeboBalance Clarifying Tonic Lotion

Invigorating alcohol-free tonic lotion with astringent prope..

Dr Renaud Pure Youth Eye Contour Patches

Youth eye contour patches for lifting effect and instant glo..
C$42.00 C$42.00

Dr Renaud Collagen Prevention Night Cream

Repairing night cream for all skin types.
50 ml.

The cre..
C$69.50 C$69.50

Dr Renaud Cleansing Gel Clear Up

Gently cleanses and helps control acne. Non-drying formulati..
C$33.00 C$33.00

Dr Renaud Dermazulene Night Cream 24H

24hrs cream designed to calm symptoms of hypersensitivity an..
C$60.00 C$60.00

Dr Renaud Extreme Softness Treatment Hand Cream

Ideal for protecting and repairing rough, dry and sensitive ..

Dr Renaud SeboBalance Spot Control Gel

Fights bacterial growth, dries pimples and helps skin to hea..
C$22.50 C$22.50

Dr Renaud Retinol 0.22 Intensive Night Care

High-performance night cream that quickly revitalize the agi..
C$57.50 C$57.50

Dr Renaud HydraScience Rich Emulsion 24H

Rich and creamy 24hrs emulsion for deeply dehydrated skin. S..
C$75.50 C$75.50

Dr Renaud Triple Lipid Regenerating Youth Care 24H Cream

24hrs cream designed to offset the effects of hormonal imbal..
C$88.00 C$88.00

Dr Renaud SeboBalance Cleansing Fluid Milk

Gently removes make-up and impurities.
200 ml.

C$44.00 C$44.00

Dr Renaud HydraScience Ahd3 Light Emulsion 24H Cream

An ultralight, fresh, non-sticky 24-hour emulgel formulated ..
C$75.50 C$75.50

Dr Renaud ExCellience Youth Enhancer Night Cream

Night cream designed to prolong skin's youthful appearance w..
C$86.00 C$86.00

Dr Renaud Omega-3 Lipid Replenishing Serum

Replenishing, nourishing, repairing and calming serum.
30 m..

Dr Renaud Celeste Smoothing Perfecting Elixir

Brightens, revives complexion, hydrates, and attenuates redn..
C$80.00 C$80.00

Dr Renaud C 10% Vitamin Serum

Neutralizes the sources of UV-induced damage in all skin lay..
C$116.00 C$116.00

Dr Renaud SeboBalance Purifying Sebo-absorbing Mask

Purifies skin and absorbs excess sebum.
60 g.

A veritabl..
C$32.50 C$32.50

Dr Renaud Lift Jeunesse Intense Restructuring Night Cream

Restructuring night cream that lifts features and detoxifies..

Dr Renaud HydraCalm Moisturizing Soothing Mask

Calms and provides advanced hydration.
60 g.

HydraCalm m..
C$56.00 C$56.00

Dr Renaud Sebobalance 24 H Anti-Ageing Fluid

A refreshing, non-oily 24hrs anti-aging cream that meets the..
C$68.00 C$68.00

Dr Renaud Excellience Youth Enhancer Rich Emulsion Day Cream

At the heart of the skin lies a great treasure: stem cells, ..
C$80.00 C$80.00
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