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Dr Renaud Pure Overnight Youth Concentrate Night Elixir

The revolutionary cosmetic alternative to anti-aging surgica..
C$95.00 C$95.00

Dr Renaud High Regeneration Pro Collagen IntenseLift Day Cream

Like a facelift without the surgery! A true dermis “rescue..
C$76.50 C$76.50

Dr Renaud Global Defense Youth Defender Day Cream

24hrs protective day cream against free radicals and polluti..
C$60.00 C$60.00

Dr Renaud UV-Science FPS 30 Daily High Protection

Double-action: sunscreen and anti-aging in one high-performi..
C$60.50 C$60.50

Dr Renaud Fluid Lotion FPS 30 UV-Science Day Cream

Uniquely light and effective broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protecti..
C$70.00 C$70.00

Dr Renaud CC Cream Instant Eye Multi Corrector

Corrects the color of dark circles, smooths and brightens th..
C$52.50 C$52.50

Dr Renaud SeboBalance Clarifying Tonic Lotion

Invigorating alcohol-free tonic lotion with astringent prope..

Dr Renaud Pure Youth Eye Contour Patches

Youth eye contour patches for lifting effect and instant glo..
C$42.00 C$42.00

Dr Renaud Collagen Prevention Night Cream

Repairing night cream for all skin types.
50 ml.

The cre..
C$69.50 C$69.50

Dr Renaud HydraCalm Hydrating and Soothing Toning Lotion

This hydrating, soothing and energizing lotion helps maintai..
C$47.00 C$47.00

Dr Renaud Colour Glow Complexion Creator Day Cream

Create your own tinted day cream! A clever universal concent..
C$35.00 C$35.00

Dr Renaud Cleansing Gel Clear Up

Gently cleanses and helps control acne. Non-drying formulati..
C$33.00 C$33.00

Dr Renaud Dermazulene Night Cream 24H

24hrs cream designed to calm symptoms of hypersensitivity an..
C$60.00 C$60.00

Dr Renaud Retinol 0.22 Intensive Night Care

High-performance night cream that quickly revitalize the agi..
C$57.50 C$57.50

Dr Renaud HydraScience Rich Emulsion 24H

Rich and creamy 24hrs emulsion for deeply dehydrated skin. S..
C$75.50 C$75.50

Dr Renaud Triple Lipid Regenerating Youth Care 24H Cream

24hrs cream designed to offset the effects of hormonal imbal..
C$88.00 C$88.00

Dr Renaud SeboBalance Cleansing Fluid Milk

Gently removes make-up and impurities.
200 ml.

C$44.00 C$44.00

Dr Renaud HydraCalm Hydrating and Soothing Cleansing Milk

A cleansing milk that gently removes make-up and dislodges i..
C$47.00 C$47.00

Dr Renaud HydraScience Ahd3 Light Emulsion 24H Cream

An ultralight, fresh, non-sticky 24-hour emulgel formulated ..
C$75.50 C$75.50

Dr Renaud ExCellience Youth Enhancer Night Cream

Night cream designed to prolong skin's youthful appearance w..
C$86.00 C$86.00

Dr Renaud Hand Sanitizer

It can be used frequently thanks to its exclusive formula en..

Dr Renaud Rosa-C3 SOS Serum

The SOS Rosa-C3 serum is suitable for women and men with sen..
C$80.00 C$80.00
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